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July 3, 2011
Author: olifarago

This is a follow up to the previous tutorial: How To Create a Custom Tab Bar (Part 2 of 2).  One question I have been asked over and over is how to hide your new custom tab bar once it is in place.  This is actually quite a simple process.

You can download a sample project containing the code to this article at GitHub:

Before we start, I just want to say I know this is a messy way of doing things, it was simply done this way to illustrate the concepts behind this approach. One day when I have time I will create a proper standalone sub-class for custom tab bars. For now, please don’t moan at me on twitter.


November 23, 2010
Author: olifarago

For an app we were developing I found myself needing to know the model and the disk capacity of the device the app was running on.

I found plenty of resource for identifying the device. The two methods appear to revolve around either testing the device for feature combinations known to appear on certain devices or using the sysctlbyname function in the standard C library. For various reasons I opted for the latter more information on which can be found on this site:

Next was trying to find the capacity.  I could find very little information on this but eventually settled on this which worked well for me.

NSDictionary *fsAttr = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] attributesOfFileSystemForPath:NSHomeDirectory() error:nil];
float diskSize = [[fsAttr objectForKey:NSFileSystemSize] doubleValue] / 1000000000;
NSLog(@"Disk Size: %0.0f",diskSize);
July 24, 2010
Author: olifarago

So, iOrlando had been on-sale for 2 weeks when an email pings into my inbox:

“…when will you be upgrading iOrlando so that it works properly on an iPad?”

This user has bought iOrlando after being recommended it by a friend but she has bought it to use on her iPad.  When she ran it she was disappointed to find that it only runs in a small window on her iPad and was wondering when we would be upgrading the app to run full screen.

The expectation of this lady that we would be releasing an update to make iOrlando a universal application got me thinking about the dilema that we keep facing with regards to our various applications with the release of the iPad.  I wrote her an email to explain why we wouldn’t be making iOrlando a universal application and I thought I would set out my thinking here in case anyone else is wondering why as developers we aren’t rushing out to convert our apps. more

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